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Welcome to EYSAD, a project about digitalization and sustainability for young people and youth workers!


Sustainability and digitalisation are two central topics that move young generations in many nations. These subjects change and determine the future lifestyle of people. To meet these challenges, it is necessary to engage as society as a whole and from different levels. Particularly young people should be able to realize their overall potential. Supporting them in strengthening their abilties is crucial so they can play an active role for a sustainable lifestyle in continuously digitalised societies. For this, new educational opportunities are needed that promote personal abilities like creativity, critical thinking and solution-oriented action according to a guiding principle of sustainable development. Additionally, a reflective manner with digital media is essential as these are important preconditions for social participation.

This is precisely where EYSAD (Europeran Youth for Sustainability and Digitalization) comes in. In the project, innovative learning and teaching offers for youth work were developed that support a reflective examination of sustainability with the help of digital media. The project is aimed at young people as well as youth workers and leaders and follows a participatory approach that is supported by both target groups.



  • Awareness-raising for challenges in environmental and climate protection with reference to personal and collective behaviour
  • Acquisition of basic knowledge on sustainability and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (17 SDGs) as well as their global interconnections
  • Acquisition of basic knowledge about “Education for Sustainable Development” (ESD)
  • Strengthening digital skills through the use and further development of digital media
  • Promotion of further education of qualified employees within the field of youth work and/or education
  • Supporting young people and youth workers to become actors of change for (education for) sustainable development


Material for use

  1. A 360° environmental photo tour serves as interactive learning and teaching medium for youth workers and youths alike. Local challenges of environmental and climate protection in European countries as well as solution approaches are displayed narratively by means of visual media.
  2. A concept for a train-the trainer including OER material serves to offer future further training for youth workers and leaders to enable them to independently develop 360° photo tours with young people.
  3. A guidebook offers knowledge on the integration of sustainability by means of digital media in youth work as well as examples of good practice by EYSAD.

Skills trained with this project:

✔ Digital understanding

✔ Environmental awareness

✔ Project management

✔ Story telling (Narrative storytelling)

✔ Writing scripts

✔ Shooting 360° images

✔ Shooting 2D images and video

✔ Researching special topics

✔ Presenting topics and results

✔ Collaboration and team work

Intellectual Output 1:
The 360° Environmental Photo Tour

The displayed photo tour is the result of workshops held during the project period with youth trainers and young people from Lithuania, Germany, Hungary and North Macedonia. It serves as an example of what is possible with the selected tools and the elaborated materials (Intellectual Output 1 & 2).

The goal here is for young people to research environmental issues and build scenarios digitally through the digital approach. The photo tour can also be used as a learning tool to educate people about the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Intellectual Output 2:
The Train-the-Trainer Guidebook

The guidebook is based on the principle of the train-the-trainer approach and enables trainers to educate youth work professionals and impart technical knowledge as well as didactic and methodological skills for the independent implementation of a 360° environmental photo tour with young people.

It combines theoretical knowledge with hints and ideas for practical exercises.

The guidebook contains:

  • Practical questions to define the target group and contents
  • Tips for motivation, feedback and conflicts
  • Introduction in storytelling
  • Introduction to technical knowledge
  • Tips and tricks for a practical implementation with young people

Intellectual Output 3:
Handbook “Strengthening sustainability through digital media in youth work”

The handbook is a practical supplement to the 360° photo tour. The train-the-trainer guidebook and offers technical background and practical instructions on how sustainability can be integrated more into youth work with the help of digital media.

In addition, it provides didactic and methodological knowledge and contains detailed application examples and tips for deepening the topics.


The handbook contains:

  • Introduction in sustainability and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Introduction in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)
  • Examples of the implementation of a 360° project with young people
  • Practical activities for the implementation of the project

Active Youth

Active Youth is a Lithuania-based for-purpose organisation that unites young leaders, thinkers and doers, those who seek change and those who make change. Their vision is to‌ ‌create‌‌ opportunities‌ ‌for‌‌ youth‌ ‌and‌ sustainable‌ ‌positive‌ ‌impact‌‌ in‌ ‌the‌‌ way‌ ‌we‌‌treat‌ ‌our‌‌planet,‌ ‌health,‌ vulnerable‌ ‌people‌ ‌&‌‌ online‌ ‌community.‌

Click here to learn more about Active Youth: https://activeyouth.lt/?lang=en


Youth Bridges Budapest

Youth Bridges Budapest is a Hungarian non-profit youth foundation established in 2019. It supports the European Solidarity Corps Quality Label and is an accredited organisation. Its aim is to help young people deal with the challenges of the 21st century. Young people should be supported in the first years of their adult lives to build a successful future and become active citizens, contributing to social development.

Click here to learn more about Youth Bridges Budapest: https://www.youthbridgesbudapest.org/


Vernian RTI

Vernian RTI is a Cypriot SME with a regional and European focus. It has many years of experience in various fields, including all areas of information and communication technology (ICT), digitalisation, information and cyber security. Vernian is also active in the development and delivery of vocational training. It recognises the challenges faced in today’s complex and fast-moving environment and believes that by integrating research, technology and innovation into their strategy and operations, organisations of all sizes can increase their capacity to innovate, optimise their business model and value proposition, improve their competitiveness and achieve sustainability. Sustainable organisations lead to sustainable economies and societies.

Click here to learn more about Vernian RTI: http://vernian.eu/


Stiftung Bildung

Stiftung Bildung (Education Foundation) is a donation funded organisation experienced in realising projects in the education sector of children and youth and lobbies for best possible education. The team at Stiftung Bildung consists of volunteers and employees and works all over Germany to increase and professionalise volunteer work in education and to promote educational equity, participation and diversity. Since 2017 Stiftung Bildung champions the perspectives of young people in the national action plan for education for sustainable development (BNE) successfully.

Click here to learn more about Stiftung Bildung: https://www.stiftungbildung.org/



Studio2B is a Berlin-based social enterprise. Studio2B has been developing innovative concepts and methods for career orientation and vocational training since 2012 with the aim of strengthening young people and adults in their competences and preparing them for entering or re-entering the workforce and supporting them in their further education. Studio2B combines target group-oriented presence formats with digital learning methods and methods of non-formal education. This includes the creation of e-learning courses, virtual company visits to numerous occupational profiles and dual study programmes using 360° videos and virtual reality (VR) as well as interactive and multimodular 360° video training.

Click here to learn more about Studio2B: https://www.studio2b.de/


Marketing Gate

Marketing Gate is a non-governmental organization based in North Macedonia. Marketing Gate was involved in the project until September 2022.

Click here to learn more about Marketing Gate: http://marketinggate.org/


Lara Kemnitz

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